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The Autism Advisory and Support Service is a not for profit charity run for children and adults with Autism and their families.

The Autism Advisory and Support Service (AASS) provides a range of services to support, advocate, help, educate and guide families who have a family member with Autism as well as the greater community. Relying heavily on donations and grants, AASS have proudly accomplished the opening of an Autism Community House in Liverpool, the only 24 Hour Autism Hotline in the southern hemisphere, Individual and group therapy, School outreach, Professional Development, Support Groups, Social Groups, Parent Workshops and lots more. We understand firsthand, how difficult it can be navigating a diagnosis, services, education and social events for our beautiful children.  To find out more about who we are, please click on About Us
Our Mission
  To empower children with Autism and their families through knowledge and support.

To positively impact and influence children and young adults with Autism in their social
and emotional development.

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Autism Advisory & Support Service video
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Wooden Worm Puzzle – Large

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